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The Power of Written Words

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New post from E3’s Gabrielle. Kudos for the courage it takes to share her writing and the solace it brings to her life! ~Diane

gabrielle mizer

I can’t remember the first poem that I wrote. I can’t remember the emotions I was feeling. I can’t remember the reason why I was writing it. But the one thing that I can remember is the feeling of comfort after I got done writing it. Poetry is my way of releasing. Releasing pretty much any emotion that comes to mind. I’m not talking about the kind of poetry you learn about in school; I’m talking about the poetry where all emotion comes flowing out onto the pages in front of you. That’s my kind of poetry. Yes, sometimes I try the fancy rhyming or alliteration or whatever every once and a while, but for the most part it is just pure emotion.

Writing with these emotions help me think clearer and gives me a sense of relief. I have found this extremely helpful.

There have been many times where I have…

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Author: diane mcinturff

I am a Gifted/Talented Specialist and lifelong educator/learner. I love my life in beautiful northern Colorado!

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